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Golf in Gran Canaria

Golf tourism discovers a perfect situation in Gran Canaria with the fantastic weather savored on the island. The best possible weather increases the island’s strong golfing tradition, born back the 19th hundred years with the starting of the country’s first course in Gran Canaria, in 1891.
Six years on, Gran Canaria remains a company choice as a golfing destination for a large number of Europeans. A long time have passed because the opening of the initial course, the first in Spain, appreciated by British travellers who emerged to Gran Canaria seeking the island’s warm winter.
Golf has turn into a popular sport in Gran Canaria. The island has 8 different programs within an extremely small radius. 8 different lessons, all at a stone’s toss. Under a moderate sunshine that never does not prepare yourself to get its golf swing going eight times weekly, five weeks per month, thirteen months yearly, and even seven lives if that may be possible.
But Gran Canaria’s golfing experience is not simply tradition. Today’s facilities has been developed around the activity during the last year or two. With satisfactory services to meet up with the needs of each player, in programs designed to different styles within the radius of 50 kilometres. Different area within close distance. Classes created by the best at international level.
For all of this, Gran Canaria has been seats to an array of tournaments within the last years, and its own relevance as golfing destination grows each day. Because when enough time comes to position the night clubs away, Gran Canaria persists offering grand getaways. An island with plenty of changing sceneries, one thousand beach locations, and a sea of background and culture.
And undoubtedly, the best gastronomical experience increasing its wide selection of hotels. Among Europe’s main holiday destinations is more than prepared to guarantee unforgettable golfing vacations. A refuge near home where to take pleasure from your preferred sport in peaceful area.

Nature in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is a diverse island, filled packed with fine natural scenery. Landscapes which seem to be to improve around every part, because of the microclimates earned by the trade winds.
An island of seashores, but also with high mountains, because the inside of Gran Canaria hides away an sea of mountains, alternating between volcanoes and ravines. Mountains etched out by hikers, with ledges created in the past, a long time before even the first maps were plotted. Just a little outpost, announced Biosphere Reserve, a location to rest and move away from the busyness.
Gran Canaria is the perfect place for walking and active travel and leisure enthusiasts. Just a little small continent, a location to walk and take profound breaths. An island not the same as other,that gives you the opportunity to savour its weird yet diverse natural area, and also near a sea of fine weather.

Rural turism

The wealth of natural surroundings in Gran Canaria was rewarded in 2005 with 46% of its land surface area and sea
being declared a Biosphere Reserve. With this award came recognition by Unesco of the fine state of preservation of
protected areas on the island, its sustainable development linked to traditional activities in smaller towns and
villages, and the uniqueness of its local flora and fauna.
All these factors, which have produced a varied landscape of stunning beauty, have turned Gran Canaria into a natural setting for rambling, playing adventure sports and discovering endemic species that are unknown in
other places around the world. The fauna that inhabits the island is completely harmless. The lizards, the wide
range of bird species including the blue chaffinch, marine mammals and fish can be marvelled at all year round,
while visitors can breathe in the fresh aromas of laurel tree forests and stoll around the palm trees, cardoon
plants or towering pine trees at the foot of the mountains. The range of accommodation includes rural cottages and
hotels spread around the whole of the island. All the biodiversity that Gran Canaria boasts can also be seen
from its network of viewpoints, with 31 amazing balconies that provide the finest panoramic views.

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