Canary Islands and Balearic Islands: Naked in the Sun

Nudism is one of those activities that is permitted by the law in Spain. The result of this ruling is the availability of several nudist relaxation points. Some of the most prominent spots are the nude beaches. It so happens that Spaniards are fond of basking in the sun butt naked for leisure. For this reason, exclusively nudist beaches are rampant in the area. Here is a list of some of these spots that you might want to visit the next time you are in Spain.


Tenerife is an island located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. As is typical with most islands, Tenerife has vegetation in it in plenty. In fact, it proves to be a favorable site for camping for those who love the allure of camping. However, the beach surrounding this site is what is most attractive to nudists. It offers a sixty-seven-kilometer long coastline that nudism enthusiasts like to make use of frequently. As a matter of fact, up to five million tourists frequent the place yearly.

The most attractive aspect of this nudist beach is its steep nature. Anyone at the top of the cliff will enjoy a breathtaking view of the bottom. For those who are basking naked below, the cliffs provide a nice coverage from the sun and unwanted eyes. You may need to carry along a basking mat considering that the terrain is filled with pebbles that may cause you to have an unpleasant encounter. The weather within this island is favorable all year round, meaning that you can visit the site even during the winter. However, it is best to visit the place during summer and spring if you want to have the best experience.

Offers in Tenerife:

Gran Canaria

Another nudist beach hot spot that is worth mentioning is the Gran Canaria. It is part of the seven islands that form the canary islands. Gran Canaria is ranked as the island with the most nudist beaches in Spain. Considering that it is a major tourist attraction, it is expected that the place has been defiled by hotels and other social amenities that visitors prefer. Gran Canaria is a conducive destination for families and individuals alike. However, guardians ought to note that there are hotspots for naturists. Therefore, it is advisable to keep their young ones from these spots.

Offers in Gran Canaria:

Aside from the well-kept hotels, entertainment places, and tourist attraction sites in the island, the nudist beach is one other place that is notable. The nudist beach is surrounded by high cliffs, meaning that it is well secluded from the public. However, there are other sections of the area that are relatively open. Getting to the island is pretty easy considering that there are three major transport options that you can use. You can travel to the place by air, water, or land.


The literal translation of this word to English is strong winds. This is probably because the island has frequent bouts of wind all through the year. During summer, nudists enjoy the perfect contrast of the cool breeze and the heat that is experienced at that time. The nudist beaches are comprised of white sands. Some of the most popular naturist beaches on this island include:

Grandes Playas
Morro Jable
Sotavento beach

Each of these beaches provides ample parking space for the users. Even so, the parking spaces are usually full considering that several visitors frequent these beaches constantly. Depending on the beach you choose to visit, it may be necessary for you to carry along an umbrella and beach bed to shelter yourself from the sun. However, there are some beaches that hire out these amenities. Before you travel, make a point of asking what is offered to avoid inconveniences. Aside from the beach utilities, visitors have the option of using the public washrooms available within the vicinity. There are other beaches in Fuerteventura that are available to nudists during a particular time of the day. A stroll through any of the provided trip advisors websites will reveal which ones they are.

Offers in Fuerteventura:


It is also known as Majorca. The island, which is located in the Mediterranean area of Spain, is most popular because of the canyons, underground caves, historic sites, coves, and beaches. Most of the nudist beaches here are white sand beaches. However, a few have a mix of white and golden sand. If you are looking for beaches that have enough space for kids to play on, try Cala Varques, Mesquida, Coll Baix, and Playa es Pregons among other. Any nudist beach located on the south of the island is generally very calm. Others on the north and east have very strong winds. Taking your young ones to these places could be hazardous especially when the tide is high. However, these same sections are suitable to visit when the sun is hot.

It is not possible to find toilets and restaurants around the beaches in most cases. Even so, tourists should take comfort in the fact that these amenities are available nearby. In some cases, they are a walking distance away. However, if you discover that they are a bit far from what you had expected, you can always drive to the restaurants to get your favorite refreshments. Better yet, you can skip all this hassle by bringing with you everything that you will require during your tan session. Mallorca has both open and closed beaches. Pick one that you find most pleasing to you and bask away. Be sure to find out what the weatherman has to say about the tides and winds before you head down to your favorite nudist beach.

Offers in Mallorca:


Pine trees are the most common feature of this island. This means that you will not lack any place to shade yourself from the hot sun whenever you visit this place, especially by the beaches. Most of the nudist beaches in Spain, especially in this region are characterized by cliffs and an attractive blue view of the surrounding sea. Coves are also quite popular in Menorca, no wonder it is not surprising that this is a favorite destination for a majority of nudists who come to bask around the are. One of the most appealing beaches that have coves is Cala Macarelleta.

The distance from the parking lot to this beach is quite lengthy, about fifteen minutes walk. However, many tourists that have visited the place attest to the place being very peaceful, therefore, making the trip worth the effort. In fact, most travelers that comment this section usually pass by another bigger beach before they get here. For you to enjoy this beach, it is best to get there in the morning or afternoon.this is probably because the sun won’t be as hot as during the mid-day and the breeze will be cool rather than rough. Aside from basking on the beach, you can choose to hire a boat and move out of the safe zone into the deep sea for an even relaxed moment.

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If you are looking for a place with an extra vibrant nightlife, Ibiza is the island to visit. Two towns that are most popular among club hoppers are Ibiza town and Sant Antoni. High-end bars and very entertaining nightclubs are frequent in these two towns. The terrain itself is quite rocky so you have to be cautious when moving about especially when you go hiking or when you visit the beaches. There are several places to tour in regards to nude bathing. A few of these sites are:

Aguas Blancas
Es Trucardos
Es Cavallet

What is probably the most appealing feature of these nudist beaches is the greenery seen behind them. Not only does it provide an attractive scene, it also provides shade and a cool breeze which is useful when the sun gets a bit too hot. Aguas Blancas and Es Trucardos are situated behind cliffs. These cliffs create a great shelter from the strong winds that frequent the area. Es Cavallet, on the other hand, is a plain nudist beach that is pleasant to tour during the early mornings and late afternoons. All the three beaches have white sands and pebbles are not in the environment. Better yet, you can find useful amenities on the beach or in the surrounding area, not too far from these relaxing points.

Offers in Ibiza:

Sun-bathing while naked is one of the few joys that humans love to enjoy. However, you have to get past a few mind barriers if you intend on maximizing such an opportunity. When going to any nudist beach in Spain, ensure that you know the rules that pertain to the area before-hand. Also, take with you snacks, drinks, and most importantly water to the park. Other amenities that are essential for the trip are available in most of the beaches. Ensure that you are above the legal age for participating in nudism in public beaches, and carry with you identification just in case it is needed.


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