Top nudist beaches in Spain

Spain offers quite a vast array of tourist attraction sites, with nudist beaches being at the top of the list. Nudism is one of the liberal activities practiced by nationals of Spain. For some reason, it seems that Spaniards enjoy busking under the sun, butt naked. It goes without saying, therefore, that this practice is legal in the region. If you are one of these people, who is not afraid to swim without a swimming suit, scroll down to find some of the best nudist beaches in Spain that you can visit for this adventure.

El Puntal Beach

Located in Somo, Ribamontan al Mar (Cantabria), El Puntal Beach is one of the longest stretching nudist beaches in Spain. You get the chance to bask in the golden sand while facing a vast expanse of sand. The gashing winds provide a soothing breeze to the skin, especially on a scorching day. Even better, some amenities are available at your disposal if you wish to freshen up a little. Top notch hotels, recreational centers, and five-star accommodation hotels are some of the positive aspects of this beach. Whenever you want to move from one point to the other, private transport can be organized by either you or the hotel management of your chosen luxury hotel.
Another aspect that makes El-Puntal Beach a choice destination is the fact that it is isolated. The urban development around it is minimal as compared to other beaches in the area, meaning that you can enjoy a quiet time without having to endure noises from the outside world. Better yet, the place is surrounded by vegetation. Therefore, giving the environment a rustic look that most people admire in such areas.

Playa de La Pelada

If you are looking for a less attractive but well-covered place to bask away, Playa de La Pelada (Tenerife) is the place to be. One look at the nudist beach alone is enough to have you searching for a new place to explore. However, a closer look at the terrain will prove you wrong in regards to the previously formed mentality. In as much as there is no significant vegetation coverage, there is adequate shelter provided by the massive rocks. This means that wandering eyes from outside the nudist beach do not get the chance to see what is happening beyond the rocks.
Villas and resorts like the El Medano are some of the available services provided in the vicinity. Even though you will not have an enticing view, you can rest assured that the only other people that will see you unclothed are those who are on the beach.

Cala de Los Amarillos

A clear coast-line and serenity are the best attributes of Cala de Los Amarillos (Almería). The sand texture is subtle, meaning that you will not have to worry about uncomfortable moments where any coarse particles hurt you. Better yet, you will not encounter any pebbles around there. The water surrounding this remote place is blue, which enhances the beauty of the land. 100 by 15 meters of space is enough to accommodate a considerably high number of nude enthusiasts. What makes this surrounding even more ideal is the fact that it is protected. Other members who are not for this idea are not allowed into the premises. In fact, to access the nudist beach, you have to board a ship to take you there. As a result, the site is sparsely populated. Therefore, quiet swimming moments are the norm.
If you intend to have a drink as you tan, you may have to carry your own from the hotel or nearest restaurant. Considering that the nudist beach is far from urbanization, expect only the sound of wind and waves as they hit the rocks. Even so, it is not to mean that you will have a dull encounter after leaving the premises. Restaurants, bars, recreational places, and leisure parks are available within the surrounding area.

Els Mutanyans

Another one of these nudist beaches in Spain that are worth mentioning is Els Mutanyans (Tarragona). What is undoubtedly the most striking feature of this site are the dunes. Along the entire Catalan coast, this is the only remaining beach that has dunes and marshes. If you intend to walk around and explore the mini jungle available, some guides are stationed within the premises to guide tourists. However, this is only offered to interested parties every first Sunday of the month. Even more, you have to be at the pick-up area by 10:00 am, or the team will leave without you.
The length of this conservation area is five kilometers. Once you get back, you can enjoy an evening stroll along the coastline and marvel at the breathtaking view provided by the setting sun. For those who do not fancy the walk, a hat, sunscreen, and mat are all you need to enjoy your day. There are three major ways to get to the place. The best part about this is that you will only walk for fifteen minutes to get to the reserved area. Also, it is accessible 24/7 all through the year apart from St.George’s Day.

Roques Planes (Girona)

The single word that can be used to describe this beach is magnificent. A satellite view of the planes will reveal this truth. Not only is the beach a beautiful one, but pine trees also line up across the expanse of this land. This means that all you have to carry with you is a bottle of water. Large rocks surround roque, and they shield nudism fanatics from the glares of passers-by. Additionally, the place is quite far from the main road. Any person visiting the area is required to leave their car in the parking lot then make fifteen minutes walk to the site. Those who prefer to have a closer view of the sea can enjoy snorkeling in the water. The water is clear; you can see what is at the bottom of the water body. The paraphernalia used during this activity is provided there. In addition to that, some lifeguards are always on standby to help anyone that may be in need.

Ponzos (Ferrol, A Coruña)

The first thing that you notice about this nudist beach is the white sand. To the touch, this sand feels soft, so it is comfortable to lie on. Additionally, there are no small rocks that can dampen the basking spirit if you happen to fall on one accidentally. Unlike most nudist beaches in Spain, this one is limited in regards to space. From one end to the other, the distance is 1.4 kilometers. However, this does not stop nudists from plastering their bodies with sand every other day.
The beach is cleaned on a frequent basis to ensure that the environment is at its best always. Additionally, useful amenities like portable toilets and litter bins are availed to enhance the cleanliness of this beach. Nudists who are physically challenged can access the site since it has a spot set aside for people with such problems. The surrounding area is filled with vegetation that enhances the appearance of the beach. A camping site is stationed in the nearby surroundings for people who love adventure. Safety of the tourists comes first. Therefore, a security team is always on the site at any given time. Additionally, a local hospital is also nearby in case of an emergency.

Faro de Roche (Conil de la Frontera, Cadiz)

The place is also known as the beach of Roche. It is best known for its coves that provide unbeatable shelter during extraordinary sunny and windy days. The bays are nine in number, meaning that there is plenty of room to accommodate many people during such times. High cliffs are the norm in this vicinity. They surround the bays to provide an enclosed place ideal for nudists to bathe in the sun. There is a lovely point on this beach that is even better than the rest of the surrounding right past the cove of Faro. However, in as much as it is ideal for basking, it can be dangerous especially when the tide is high. A lighthouse is availed for times when things get rough. If you can stay until evening, you will be fascinated by the sunset view from the cliffs.

Es Caragol

According to a survey conducted by TripAdvisor, Es Caragol (Mallorca) is ranked fourth among the best places to visit in Satanyi. The white, fine sand on the beach provides a soft landing place for anyone in need of some peaceful time away from the bustling noises of the city. The width of the beach is vast. Thus, it can accommodate a decent number of people on a busy day. Far from the coastline, there is visible vegetation. The icing on the case, in this case, is the clear water. Items at the bottom of the ocean are visible. Even more, a nudist who is basking on the shore has a magnificent view of the large water mass, which is blue. Considering that the place is far from civilization, it is the perfect place for any person who does not intend on spending a penny on swimsuits. It is well hidden.
Sadly, accessing the beach is not a walk in the park. Only residents of the area have easy access to it. However, non-members who are willing to walk a long way to the beach are also allowed to have a glimpse of this paradise. From what visitors that frequent the site say, the effort is worth it.


Maspalomas Beach

A beautiful name to match a beautiful scenery is what this is. Maspalomas (Gran Canaria) is famous for the sand dunes within site. The windy weather in the area is what has contributed to this outcome that many tourists enjoy sincerely. Both kids and adults can have a wonderful time playing and basking. However, it is probably a good idea to leave the little ones at home when visiting Maspalomas beach considering that naked adults frequent this place. Even more, stay away from this nudist beach if you cannot stand a little sand being blown into your eyes once in a while. The distance from the parking bay to the beach is quite a stretch, so you better be ready to walk. The friendly staff ensures that not only do you have a pleasant stay in the hotels around, but the beach is also cleaned and maintained regularly. To unwind in the evening, you can visit any of the available bars and restaurants for a chance to enjoy top-notch hotel services.

Ballota Beach

Ballota (Asturias) is an amazingly stunning nudist beach. Looking at it in satellite view is breathtaking. A mixture of green, white, and blue is what captivates your eyes to keep admiring. To get there, you are required to walk through the thicket via a visible path. This, of course, is after leaving your car a few kilometers away in the parking area. Brace yourself for a long walk because you will spend at least twenty minutes trying to locate the entrance to the beach. Unless you have to be carried, it will take you at most thirty minutes to navigate to this spot.
Once you get to your destination, you can enjoy what it has to offer. However, hotels, amenities, bars, and other facilities you expect to find there are not provided. Ballota beach is a highly secluded beach. Thus, you may have to carry with you any essential items that you may require to use like snacks, water, and refreshments. Pebbles and boulders plus sand are what constitute the beach. Sadly, there are no lifeguards stationed at the site for emergency cases, so you have to be extra careful when swimming. The 1.82 kilometers stretch is enough to have you back in shape by the end of the day if you decide to stroll along the beach.


It is clear that nudism is no longer shunned off as much. In as much as you want to have a nude basking encounter, ensure that you use enough sunscreen to protect your skin from excessive damage by the hot rays of the sun. Aside from that, take a stroll along any nudist beach mentioned above or bask away under the hot sun. One thing that you have to remember though is to carry enough water to hydrate you while you let your body tan.


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