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Amazing places in Balearic Islands

Cala Galiota

Cala Galiota is situated at six kilometres from ses Salines, and it is an urban beach with coarse-grained ochre sand with some rocks on the coast and on the ground.

This piece of coastline of ses Salines is characterized by the fact that the visitors are mostly majorcan families, residents of the not too high buildings next to the transparent water, who are looking for a pleasant place, which you cannot find on the more touristic beaches of the surroundings. Nevertheless they will have to live when Colònia de Sant Jordi is celebrating its festival in the summer. This informal atmosphere explains that there are not many tourists visiting this place.

The slope of Cala Galiota is quite steep, at 50 metres from the coast there is already a depth of two metres and at two hectometres there are five metres on a sandy ground with seaweed. On this beach you have very good conditions for anchoring a boat, although there is no shelter from the wind blowing from the west. The nearest port facilities are located at Port Colònia de Sant Jordi, at 0,1 nautical miles.

The accessibility by car is easy following the signs to Cala Galiota. You can park for free at a few metres from the beach and the nearest bus stop is at 200 metres.

The surroundings of the beach are characterized by a large number of restaurants, especially those who offer fish-based dishes and seafood.

Platja des Caragol

Platja des Caragol is situated at seven kilometres from ses Salines, and it is the most southern beach of Majorca, together with Cala en Tugores, with a rocky strip between them. The beach can be reached from the lighthouse of ses Salines, walking for 1,5 kilometres along the sea.

Es Caragol has white sand, dunes for over one kilometre toward the interior, it is not crowded at all and it is adjacent to the small island of Can Curt toward west and sa Punta Negra on the eastern side, where you can see an escar (artificial dry dock), used by fishers, and a jetty for the passenger launches.

The coast here is not very high, with slopes that range between 0,5 and two metres, under a sandbank which goes toward the sea for 200 metres, open to southeast-south-southwest and full of small islands.

These characteristics of the coast are the reason why the navigators should be careful, keeping an eye on the depth and remaining at half a mile from the coast. Nevertheless, it is possible to anchor on a sandy ground with some rocks, with a depth that ranges from three to six metres. The nearest port facilities are located at Port Colònia de Sant Jordi, at 4,2 nautical miles.

On es Caragol you will see some bunkers of the Civil War and nearby there is the finca sa Vall, private property of the March family, with a coastal strip which belongs to this Àrea Natural d'Especial Interès (3.778 hectares up to 68 metres above the sea level).

Port de Valldemossa

Port de Valldemossa or sa Marina, this last name is more popular, six kilometres from the village with the same name.

This beautiful stretch of the coast of Valldemossa has on the north-western side a small port for boats that have a maximum length of seven metres and in the north-eastern area there is a semicircular little cove, with pebbles, gravel and rests of marine vegetation.

The marine and underwater conditions are not safe for anchoring boats because it is open to the strong winds that blow from the west-northwest and north. If the navigator wants to anchor his boat in front of this cove, he is recommended to do this manoeuvre by daylight. Toward northeast you will find the impressive Punta de sa Foradada, which has been artistic inspiration, with a wonderful anchorage. Sa Foradada is sheltered from nearly all the winds on both sides, it has a sandy and rocky ground and the depth ranges from five to 11 metres. This small headland has the name of foradada (it means full of holes in English) because there is an enormous circular hole in the upper part. At 7,2 nautical miles there is the secure Port de Sóller.

The accessibility by car is easy following the signs. The last six kilometres to Port de Valldemossa will be done on a sinuous, narrow and steep road. This road leads to the deviation to the finca s'Estaca, which belongs to the actor Michael Douglas.

These characteristics explain that the beach is not crowded at all by tourists.