Iberostar Santa Eulalia

The Iberostar Santa Eulalia hotel is an adults-only paradise where you can disconnect and re-connect. Enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean and the kind of intimacy you deserve. Don’t miss the sunset at the Sea Soul Beach Club, located on a jetty that extends into the sea and offering a unique view of Formentera. And relax in the wellness zone or take the opportunity to get in shape at our fitness centre.

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At the Iberostar Santa Eulalia hotel, you’ll find one of the most secluded corners on the island of Ibiza to discover and enjoy with your partner. The best place to stay in Ibiza for couples. Above the sands of S’Argamassa beach, a room awaits with spectacular views of the sea and the surrounding nature, also with the most exclusive Star Prestige area, with personalised attention, chill-out terrace, infinity pool, Open Bar, and sea views… Everything is in line with the romantic touch that you wanted your Balearic getaway to have.

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Ibiza- Praking and Relaxing on the Island

An Impressive Island
Ibiza is one of the most beautiful Balearic Islands. People from all over the world come to Ibiza just to relax on its beaches covered with white, delicate sand, and to bathe in its warm, clear waters. Others come here every year for the festivals that take place throughout the entire year. A few come here to combine these, and to find out something about its history, its tradition, its culture, and its customs. Where do you find yourself? It doesn’t matter. Just come!!!

A World Heritage Designated Island
Ibiza has been designated a World Heritage by UNESCO. It is not a big island, it is only about 40 kilometers from one part to the other , but it is an idylic island. The temperatures are mild all year long, the sand is delicate, the water is clear; and the people are welcoming, open minded, sociable, and always ready to party. What else can one wish for?

As a tourist in Ibiza, take your time relaxing on a small part of the more than two hundred kilometers of coastline. After you do this, go sightseeing in the town. It is really worth the effort. Ibiza is an island where a lot of cultures and customs meet, as it has been occupied by many different civilizations in its past. Each of these civilizations has left its fingerprint on the island, transforming it into a very special one.

The priority on the island is having fun, so the locals make sure that tourists have something with which to entertain themselves. Festivals, concerts, and night clubs are all at the tourist’s disposal, always ready to entertain. The night life agenda of the island is full of life: young and old, everybody gets out of the house in order to find some much needed relaxation.

The Cultural Ibiza
It is true that the night life is amazing in Ibiza, but let’s not forget that it is also an island where culture is found at every step. Sightseeing in Ibiza is a must-do. The Archeological Museum of Ibiza and Formentera hosts important collections of ancient objects, belonging to the Island of Ibiza, and to the Island of Formentera. A journey into the history of the country can be continued with a stop to the Ibiza Cathedral. Originally a Gothic Cathedral, it is now a fine example of the Baroque style due to the modifications it has suffered over time.

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