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25% OFF Promo code Millennium Hotels
Promo code Millennium Hotels

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10 Fun things to do in Singapore

Discover the major attractions in Singapore which offer many impressive things to do for the beginners as well as experienced that gives exciting experience to the visitors. Explore the panoramic scenery of the great place to enjoy the breath-taking views at the most stellar attractions, man-made waterfalls and the surprising events. Singapore also has the best transportation facility for the visitors to commute to the different location. Visitors can commute by a taxi, MRT train and metro.

The Zoo is the unique tourist destination, clean and highly maintained zoo allows animals to roam free as they roam in the jungle. Here visitors get a chance to mingle with a creature without any visible barrier, to dine with wildlife, watch performances of lions gives surprising experiences, especially to the kids.

1. The Merlion Park: –
The Merlion Park is designed as an Emblem of Singapore; a symbol of ancient as well as modern Singapore with the head of a lion and body of a fish. Merlion is a landmark and a monument of Singapore that is located nearby the Marine Bay and Singapore Flyer.

2. Singapore Flyer:
A romantic adventure gives a glimpse of London eye, enjoying the ride on the 541 feet tallest ferries wheel has become a major attraction for the tourists.

3. Singapore Zoo:
The Zoo is the unique tourist destination, clean and highly maintained zoo allows animals to roam free as they roam in the jungle. Here visitors get a chance to mingle with a creature without any visible barrier, to dine with wildlife, watch performances of lions gives surprising experiences, especially to the kids.

4. Jurong Bird Park:
The Park is a zoological garden, centred on birds is one of the most visited parks that filled you with lots of wonders. This park is an Ideal place especially for the bird’s lovers as well as for the kids, provide shelter to more than 9000 species of birds and architecture of the park is designed in such a way that make you feel that you are in a real forest.

5. Marina Barrage:
A dam built on 5 rivers across the Marina channel with crystal clear water is an amazing water-sport. The barrage is a stunning harmony between nature and technology.

6. Adventure cove waterpark:
The theme park is a major attraction with a beautiful eye-catching sculpture that can’t be missed out. It’s a tunnel through an aquarium includes water rides & attractions, duelling racer, spiral wash out, big bucket tree house etc.

7. Haw par villa:
A top holiday destination of Singapore that ambience & beauty of the place can’t be seen anywhere else. Here are some amazing creations to fill you with lots of wonders like 10 courts of Hell, tiger balm gardens & Japanese watch tower.

8. Night Safari:
A no. 1 spot of Singapore with a private Buggy tour, dining with night creature and a close adventure with elephants a souvenir photo along with premium safari & also adds addition buffet. Catch a glimpse of foxes, endangered white tigers, and largest collection of proboscis monkeys in the forest.

9. Trick-eye museum:
A museum for art technique contains original 3d artwork, attracts visitors to have fun. This museum is globally recognised for its art techniques and adventure at the 3D battlefield.

10. Mega Zip adventure Park:
Exciting Park for many funny, interesting and thrilling rides. Mega bounce on Siloso beach allows you to jump high into the air with the challenging task by walking on the risky high ropes includes activities like climb maxFeature Articles, parachute jumping & much more across the jungle with safe and challenging tasks.


Travel to Singapore: Taking note of major public holidays in Singapore

When traveling to Singapore it is wise to take note of the public holidays in Singapore, as during these public holidays there are often festive events being held. On top of the usual holidays in Singapore that are shared with most western nations, such as Christmas day, New Year’s day, Labour day and Good Friday, Singapore has many public holidays catered to the major ethnic groups that make up the country. Here are some of the major public holidays that are unique to Singapore to take note of.

Chinese New Year

This is considered the biggest time of the year for all the people with a Chinese background in Singapore. The Chinese New Year typically happens in late January or sometime in February, as this is dependent on the Chinese lunar calendar. During this time you may notice many of the local shops closed, but that being said there are numerous celebrations seen through the week such as dragon dances, and the very unique “lo hay” dinners or lunches (“lo hay” is where you have a specially prepared platter of raw vegetables, mixed with sweet and sour sauce, nuts, and raw salmon). Also during this time you must visit the Chinatown area as there would be special New Year’s lighting displays. In addition, the Chinatown area will be jam packed with people, all of whom are jostling for their celebratory supplies for Chinese New Year.

Vesak Day

Vesak Day is the celebration of Buddha’s birthday. During this time you will see many of the Buddhist temples in Singapore hold special praying sessions, and other celebratory events. You can visit any of the major temples in Singapore for a great vegetarian lunch.

National Day

This is the main holiday for Singaporeans to celebrate their nation’s independence. It happens on August 9. There will be a huge parade near the Marina Bay area where you will see marches, performances, and an awesome military display. You will also see fighter jets ripping through the sky as a gesture to this special day. Also be sure to catch a glimpse of the combat helicopters flying near the Singapore city centre with a huge Singapore flag tailing behind!

Hari Raya Puasa and Hari Raya Haji

Hari Raya is known in Malay as “celebration”. There are two separate public holidays that are special to Malays. The first of them is Hari Raya Puasa, in which it is a Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan. During Ramadan all Muslims alike will need to practice fasting for an entire month. At the last day when Ramadan ends, there will be huge feasts prepared.

The second of the Hari Raya holidays is Hari Raya Haji, or the “pilgrimage festival”. This day marks the end of a Muslim's pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. During this time as well, you will see huge festivities from Malays to celebrate this very special Muslim festival.


Deepavali is known as the festival of lights. If you visit Singapore’s Little India during this time, you will see special lighting displays that commemorate this special Hindu festival. Drop by at any Hindu temple there and you will see special candles lit to signify that good had triumphed over evil. This is one of the most important holidays for Indians in Singapore.

By taking note of any of the above holidays that are uniquely found in SingaporeFree Reprint Articles, you will be able to catch special festivities that are planned during these times. Therefore this will provide a better glimpse of the diversity that Singapore has to offer.


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