Blue Bay Hotels has created four well-differentiated brands, according to different targets. From properties purely dedicated to health, beauty and wellness to brands specializing in gourmet restaurants, BlueBay Hotels covers all segments and needs of any client in an even more demanding and specialised market. Hotels in the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Madrid, Barcelona, Costa del Sol, Morocco, Turkey, Caribbean, UAE and more.

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Hotel Adriana

Falkensteiner Hotel Adriana. Enjoy the relaxing and peaceful side of

Constance Moofushi deals updated.
Constance Moofushi

What is your idea of a great holiday destination?
Dazzling-white sandy beaches. Golden sunshine. Sweeping ocean views. Chic, private, self-contained water villas…

Maldives wins hands out. Made up of innumerable, breathtakingly beautiful coral islands, Maldives is home to several luxury resorts that offer travelers an unforgettable holiday experience.
Much like its sister property Halaveli, Constance Moofushi is nothing short of the best with its intimate-island ambience, minimalist design, impeccable service and a lineup of delectable foods. Here’s more on why you should book yourself at Constance Moofushi.

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