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Desire Resort is located in this region and offers some of the most memorable and stunning experiences in the area. This is where you can enjoy pleasure, eroticism, and sensuality. The desire experience is one with erotic pleasure and one that fulfills fantasies that awakes senses in a great way. Topped with all the activities that one can enjoy in the region, desire is the best place for couples of all ages.

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Riviera Maya is a destination that is so famous for its all-inclusive and large-scale resorts. It is a historical base that has yet other smaller hotels and great fine dining restaurants to enjoy. There are great beaches around, and travel entities create some of the greatest yacht charters and villa rentals.


One of the greatest attractions within this region is the reef and coastal aquatic activities that depend on water and the reef system, which starts near Cancun to the whole of Riviera Maya up to Guatemala. This is a barrier reef system that happens to be the second-longest in the whole world.


Popular activities in the frequently visited locations include scuba diving, snorkeling, jet-skiing, jungle tours, sailing, horse riding, zip-lining, swimming with dolphins, and swimming with Cenotes. There are also archeological sites like Tulum, Coba, and Chichen Itza. Many theme parks attract large crowds because of the range and diversity of the activities that can be enjoyed there.

Desire Riviera Maya Resort

Desire Resort is located in this region and offers some of the most memorable and stunning experiences in the area. This is where you can enjoy pleasure, eroticism, and sensuality. The desire experience is one with erotic pleasure and one that fulfills fantasies that awakes senses in a great way. Topped with all the activities that one can enjoy in the region, desire is the best place for couples of all ages.


The couple’s only kind of ambiance makes it one of the most incredible places to experience an adult-themed holiday experience. It is the best place for intimacy, and it is a clothing-optional place. Some seductions games are made to enrich the imagination while at the same time taking in the beauty all around the destination. You can enjoy the cruises on the sea or enjoy your time on land while enjoying the luxury and the best sensual amenities to blend eroticism and ecstasy.

Desire Resorts & Cruises

Adults only meaning

Adults only mean that children are not allowed. The hotels with such a setup have different characteristics. Some are livelier, while others tend to be romantic, relaxing, and more tranquil. This is where you can get a vacation experience that is sophisticated and upscale. Details are well taken care of, and comforts are designed in a way that meets adult needs.


Because of this aspect, Riviera Maya Pearl Resort has gained so much popularity because people appreciate such vacations without having to tag kids or being over careful about who is around them. This is a unique opportunity for a holiday retreat alternative. You can go out there and enjoy some private experiences, unique moments, and real holidays. It is also a chance to interact with other adults and have some entertainment. It is a great place for romantic getaways.

Scene and design at desire Riviera Maya Resort

Desire Riviera Maya Resort all-inclusive is a great place for open-minded couples, and it is a clothing-optional resort. It offers all-inclusive packages to couples for beach packages and cruises.

The things synonymous with the resort include X-rated whirlpool parties, clothing-optional policy, and steamy night entertainment. It is a great place for adults to interact and have a good time together. Even without the great adult fun, there is also the beach to enjoy, and it is still possible to have an all-inclusive time quietly in Puerto Morelos.


Desire Riviera also hosts some of the best cruises in the area and beyond, which is fascinating for couples who choose to tour the area.


The resorts are designed in a great way bearing suites and rooms that offer local charm. The lush gardens have tropical flowers and day beds. You can have a mellow time in the gardens or a lively time by the pool.


There is a whirlpool at the rooftop and another ground pool that offers some fascinating ocean views. You can enjoy snacks at the snack bars by the beachside and by the poolside. There are lots of activities to enjoy during the night at the mélange bar and day action by the pools.


At night, there is a nightclub to enjoy as well as playrooms in Desire Riviera Maya Resorts. This is a good place to engage in sensual games with partners or other guests using straps and round beds provided.


Playroom Desire Riviera Maya Resort is designed for nudist couples. It is a good place for different experiences. Some of the activities that can be enjoyed here include guided sensual games, naughty noodles, and sensual touch. There are also volleyball tournaments as well as yoga sessions. With that said, sex is restricted to the Sin Room and the Jacuzzi lounge only, and there is a policy in place for that.

Desire Resorts

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Location of Desire Riviera Maya Resort

The resort is a small distance from Puerto Morelos within a subdued area which is south of Cancun. It has tranquil beaches, and it is a great place for snorkeling. There are other resorts in the area as well. There aren’t many things in the short distance around the resort for dining or shopping. However, there is a village that is only 10 minutes by car.

Some of the local attractions Xcaret and Xel-Hs, are about one hour from the hotel. It takes over an hour to get to Mayan ruins. The international airport of Cancun is about 20 minutes away.


The rooms in the resort are well equipped with the things that one could need over a holiday. They have terraces that are well furnished as well as upscale suites that come with many extras. You can access desired suites that have lofted bedrooms or deluxe rooms with garden views. The décor is very stylish and not overdone. More ornate details in the higher category spaces and suites, including erotic photos and marble accents.


The rooms are well furnished at the patio and balcony areas and may have garden or ocean views. The more superior units include a living area as well.

Amenities in the rooms

There are some standard amenities in the resort, including slippers, robes, safes, flat-screen TVs, coffeemakers, and king beds. The minibars are usually restocked each day with beer, water, soda, and other types of liquor in the suites. There is free Wi-Fi as long as you are on the property. The bathrooms come with spacious walk-in showers and double sinks. The Jacuzzi rooms are Kama sutra-inspired, and in the suite categories, there are hot tubs that can accommodate four people in the bathroom or the bedroom or outdoors.

Bars and restaurants at Desire Riviera Maya Resort

Riviera Maya Pearl Resort offers a wide range of international buffets. Theme nights are also hosted, and there are different la carte restaurants, bars, and a clothing-optional nightclub.

The main restaurant is Arrecife, and it is a casual and large place for dinner, lunch, and breakfast buffets. There are lots of options as fat as spreads are concerned. Many types of offerings are made on themed nights, such as barbecue, Mexican, Italian, and the Caribbean.


There are la carte restaurants in the resort as well. There is Tentazione where one can get snacks and lunch. There is Suki that deals with Asian cuisine. For the teppanyaki table, you will need reservations.
For formal dining, Sahlo is a good option and offers a menu that is aphrodisiac-inspired for dinner.


There is the mélange area that is adjacent to the lobby. Here, drinks are available all through the day and cocktails and snacks are available at night. It remains open throughout and offers themed parties nightly. The parties include bright and tight, champagne and lingerie, schoolgirls and nerds, and so on.


The Jacuzzi lounge bar is clothing optional, and it is near the whirlpool on the rooftop. This is a place where guests can have sex, and it is public. Here, guests can only access when they have a partner.
Tentazione bar is open during the day and is by the poolside. Bar services are offered here and at the beach.


There is also the Y nightclub which is also clothing optional. It is usually opened after dinner. From the dance floor, there is the Sin room which is dimly lit. This is the other public area where the couples can have sex. There are sex swings and round beds within the room. In the nightclub, there are dancing ropes as well.

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Desire Riviera Maya Resort all-inclusive packages

If planning to enjoy your time in Desire Riviera Maya Resort, you can have an all-inclusive kind of experience that covers drinks and meals. The comprehensive all-inclusive kind of packages covers drinks and foot and non-motorized water access. One gets to use the loungers on the beach and the pool as well. Other perks like gym access and Wi-Fi are also included.


There are perks in the suits and Jacuzzi rooms, including afternoon snacks, fruit baskets, and sparkling wine. The guests can access preferential restaurant reservations, designated beach loungers, butler services, and continental breakfasts to rooms.

Desire Riviera Maya Resort is one of the greatest for couples who want an amazing adult experience with all the social amenities put in place to elevate their experiences. The playroom Desire Riviera Maya Resort offers activities that allow couples to get immersed in experiences that would be impossible in any other setting. The gorgeous beaches, the turquoise waters, and the wide range of tourist attractions in the area make this a destination of choice for many. Riviera Maya pearl resort has a lot to offer open-minded couples looking for experiences that go far and beyond the imagination.
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