Hotel ICON is a luxury hotel that takes an innovative approach to hospitality. Hotel ICON celebrates individuality and the city of Hong Kong’s finest with passion, while also reflecting its international style throughout every aspect of service- whether you’re looking for new experience or old favorites alike!
The ambience here will be familiar yet comfortable – combining high class elegance in traditional ways; it provides exciting yet informal responsiveness from staff members who are both passionate about culture (local or otherwise), attentive but not overbearing at all times so guests can enjoy their stay without feeling like they’ve been forgotten–reveling in modern sparkle combined perfectly alongside perfect level of courtesy expected anywhere these days…


Hotel ICON embodies the creative energy and spirit of Hong Kong, as well it should. It’s not only a very special hotel with an equally important purpose; its also home to one-of-a kind learning environment where future hospitality professionals come alive through their aspirations being channeled into Polytechnic University’s School for Hotel Management (SHTM).

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Hotel ICON

Hotel ICON

Hotel ICON is a luxury Hong Kong hotel that takes a new look at hospitality. Hotel ICON is all about individuality and a celebration of Hong Kong’s finest. It's passionate about local culture - art, design, fabulous food and a modern sparkle packaged up with perfect service. But they also have an ...

Hotel ICON

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