The Ola Hotels are a unique collection of five hotels on the Spanish island Majorca. All have something different to offer, from condos with their own special charm for friends who want more privacy or business travellers looking to get away from it all in one cool place while still being close enough if required, but there’s also apartments ideal family vacations!

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Tryp Zaragoza

The new hotel tryp zaragoza provides modern and dynamic facilities

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Ola Hotels is a hotel chain offering 5 properties in Majorca, all of them located near some of the most outstanding areas on this island. With Ola’s many options for guests to choose from there will be something that suits any need! Each property offers its own special charm with an added bonus – they can enjoy their stay either through All Inclusive plans or by joining up with other members via clubs like “Oliars” (a fitness program). And if you’re traveling as family then don’t worry; apartments are available too which makes life easier when everyone has his/her own room again :)

Ola Hotels

Ola Hotels

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