Club H10 Hotels rewards

With Club H10 membership, hotel guests can benefit from the hotel chain's loyalty programme. Club H10 rewards include a 5% discount on hotel stays, a wide range of gifts and instant rewards, hotel service upgrades and free nights. Club H10 members can earn points on their hotel bookings, every ...

My Millennium Hotels rewards

Joining the My Millennium club means that you can earn rewards for staying at Millennium hotels and resorts. Millennium Hotels rewards are great for loyal customers, allowing you to collect points and trade them in for discounts, room upgrades and extras. Millennium rewards include special rates ...

NH Hotels Rewards

With a name that doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily as some other iconic hotel groups, you may be surprised to learn that Spain-based NH Hotels is a world leader in the hospitality sector. Its chain of 400 well-respected properties stretches across 30 countries, covering America, Africa and ...

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