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Villa Venecia Hotel Boutique Gourmet is a new concept of Boutique Hotel, the highest values based on the weather. Its unique location and its Mediterranean nature is able to offer visitors.

Excellence, sophistication and elegance for your dream getaway. Enjoy the charms of the Mediterranean at Villa Venecia Hotel Boutique Gourmet, the only 5-star hotel in Benidorm.

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Our exclusive rooms and personalised service offer a unique experience in which the details make a difference. Discover the allure of the Region of Valencia in our luxury rooms and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Med. Each stay is a different experience defined by typical elements from the main municipalities of the Region of Valencia, treasures that we’re deeply proud of and excited to share with you.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Med with rooms overlooking the sea. Villa Venecia, a 5-star hotel in the centre of Benidorm where you can uncover every corner of this stunning region, the best way to embrace the Mediterranean culture and live unforgettable experiences.

Travelling is so much more than just packing your bags and catching a plane. Travelling allows you to explore new cities, immerse yourself in different cultures and traditions and of course, discover the local cuisine bite by bite. At Villa Venecia Hotel Boutique Gourmet, we celebrate our culinary heritage through four exclusive menus that offer unforgettable gourmet experiences.

Happiness is in the little details. 26 luxury rooms — all of them with views of the sea and Benidorm’s old town — as well as restaurants offering a taste of the Mediterranean and a relaxing spa where you can give your mind and body a break. We also have chill-out areas where you can admire the spectacular sunsets and a gym with sea views so you can keep up your exercise routine.

Villa Venecia Hotel Boutique Gourmet’s facilities have all been refurbished and are carefully looked after. Comfort and exclusivity are at the centre of our hotel so you can enjoy a unique holiday.

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